People share frustrations about backwater flooding in the South Delta

People share stories about Delta flooding

VALLEY PARK, Miss. (WLBT) - People across the South Delta gathered Saturday for Media Day.

Neighborhood leaders invited media from all over the world to hear the stories from people who are still dealing with flooding nearly six months later.

Anderson Jones stated, “It’s been rough having dreams about the water. I had to let my wife go back to Vicksburg ever since February we’ve been apart, and it just been so lonely.”

“It’s been almost six months. We’ve been boating in and out of our home. We couldn’t stay out late at night, because we had to be home before dark, because we didn’t want to go through debris, alligators in the dark. We couldn’t really do a lot after dark," said Yvette Jansen.

Mary McDuff stated, “I said if I ever have to move out, I wasn’t coming back, but I’ve been there ever since ’79. That’s my home I hate to go, but I will.”

Some residents feel that others have forgotten about certain parts of the area.

“Somehow look like they forgot about us, but they never say anything about Goose Lake,” said Hattie Lewis.

Water levels from the mighty Mississippi are starting to go down. Some families have started the recovery process, but many others are still waiting.

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