How to find out if Equifax owes you money

Equifax may owe you money

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s been two years since the Equifax data breach and now they may owe you money.

Depending on how involved you got after initial word of the Equifax breach, financial advisor Nancy Anderson says you could qualify for even more than the $125 dollar minimum, even without receipts.

“You can file for a number of other claims," described New Perspectives President Nancy Lottridge Anderson. "You can say, I spent a lot of time, which I did, freezing my credit, unfreezing it later on, dealing with all these issues. So, you can file for up to 10 hours where you just state, this is what happened, this is how much time I had to spend and you get paid $25 dollars an hour.”

If you have documentation you had to deal with identity issues, you can be paid for up to 20 hours. The web address is Scroll down to the “Find out if your information was impacted” box.

From there,you’ll be asked for your last name and last six digits of your social security number. And it will tell you on the next screen if your personal information has been impacted. If it has, you’ll get the option to file a claim.

“There is a limit to the settlement," Anderson noted. "So, if everybody’s jumping in ahead of you, it may run out.”

And remember,you won’t get the money right away.

“The earliest it will be as soon as it closes and it’s going to take awhile because they’re going to have to process it. So, as we’ve been saying...don’t use that for your Christmas spending," said Anderson. "It’s not going to make it in time.”

You can also call 1-833-759-2982 or visit for more information.

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