Owner of Jackson home built by Habitat for Humanity wants out after continued flooding

Owner of Jackson home built by Habitat for Humanity wants out after continued flooding

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - For those who have hopes of one day owning their own home, Habitat for Humanity makes dreams come true.

But one Jackson habitat resident who lives on McTyere Street says some days are a nightmare, as he is continuously fights off flooding.

Heavy rains creating a river around his home where he, his wife and children live.

Habitat flood
Habitat flood (Source: david kenney)

“We are new homeowners," said homeowner Anthony. "Our property is damaged. It’s getting outrageous. We don’t have money to replace the stuff, water damage, mold.”

In fact, Anthony’s sunk everything he had into this habitat house just to be a homeowner, but he didn’t expect this.

Now he wants out... but he’s tied to a 30-year-mortgage.

Merrill McKewen, Executive Director of the Mississippi and Capitol Area Habitat For Humanity said, “This is a monumental problem. This is not what was happening when those habitat home were first put there, but are a result of all the subsequent building that has occurred.”

Habitat Executive Director Merrill McKewen says she’s talked to the city, and others, about fixing the drainage problem around Anthony’s habitat house.

The city of Jackson said they too were aware of the flooding problem, and have received five calls from Anthony since 2017. They couldn’t tell us if they’re working on a drainage solution.

Anthony says he’s fed up and ready to move or else.

“I want somebody to come out here and plug whatever drain it is and find out where the water is coming from," he said, "and find somewhere else for it to go instead of sitting up in our yard.”

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