Officials: Getting high on wasp spray can kill you

It’s called ‘wasping’

Officials: Getting high on wasp spray can kill you

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A strange way of getting high has claimed lives in West Virginia, authorities say. Mississippi hasn’t seen a lot of it yet, but the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics is watching the trend closely.

It’s know on the street as “wasping.” It causes bizarre behavior, seizures and severe, even deadly, allergic reactions in humans that mimic those that wasps undergo when they’re sprayed, says MBN Director John Dowdy.

“It’s something we’re closely monitoring and we’ll continue to look at intel reports we get from across the country, which we do daily,” he said.

But rendering wasp spray into a powder and ingesting it seems crazy, right? Crime Lab director Sam Howell says he’s not shocked.

“It doesn’t surprise me, unfortunately. People will try everything,” Howell said. “And, unfortunately, sometimes it’s the last time they try it.”

For a meth addict who can’t afford the real thing, wasp spray is seen as a cheap fix. But the chemicals in it are made to change blood chemistry, which can bring all sorts of adverse reactions including the risk of lasting brain damage.

The chemicals change blood chemistry and the user risks lasting brain damage. If you or someone you love has ingested wasp spray in any form, contact your local Poison Control Center.

Dowdy said there’s only been one documented case of wasp spray overdose in Mississippi, but it’s more than probable that people – particularly addicts – are using.

“When you start talking about someone that’s in a state of addiction, they are trying to feed a monster inside of them… The sickness that is associated with that disease just takes over the mind and the body,” said Dowdy.

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