NFL players host Forum on Criminal Justice Reform

Published: Jul. 17, 2019 at 10:54 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - On Wednesday night, NFL players hosted a forum on criminal justice reform at the Mississippi Museum of Art. They say big changes need to sweep through our community.

Players Coalition is a nonprofit organization founded by NFL players to bring awareness to important topics like social justice and racial inequality.

They are also encouraging everyone to vote by inviting all candidates running for Hinds County District Attorney to come out and participate.

Jody Owens was the only candidate that attended the forum.

Stanley Alexander, one of the Hinds County District Attorney candidates, reached out to WLBT with this statement.

“I advised the sponsors of the forum that I would be out of town on the night of the forum in preparation for a trial. I regret that I could not attend, however justice for victims of crime is my paramount concern,” said Alexander.

Jody Owens responded to the other candidates not attending the Player’s Coalition Debate.

“We are incredibly disappointed that both of our opponents skipped out on tonight’s debate. The Hinds County District Attorney is a very important position. He or she literally makes decisions on a person’s freedom. Voters deserve more than yard signs and soundbites.”

The Forum is hosted by Super Bowl champion Adalius Thomas and New Orleans Saint and Mississippi native Demario Davis.

Davis says tonight is all about taking back our community and standing up for what you believe in.

“When you look at our country and the state of mass incarceration.. there is a critical need for criminal justice reform. This is a very important election. People need to know the seriousness of it. They need to know their candidates stance on issues that will either help... or hurt our community.”

They also discussed police accountability and the juvenile justice system.

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