FBI solicits applications for invitation-only job fair for women

Just email your resume in and you’ll be notified if you qualify

FBI recruiting women

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The FBI is focusing on women in their latest recruitment push. While anyone can still apply for dozens of different kinds of jobs at the Bureau, females are at the top of the list right now.

Erica Parker is the recruitment specialist at the Jackson FBI field office.

“We just need dedicated individuals who are going to work hard and make a difference, this is the FBI and we’re there to help people, so we want people who are passionate about making a difference, as cheesy as that may sound. We need people, obviously, who can pass a background check,” Parker said.

One thing the officials at the FBI want you to know is that you don’t have to be a gun toting, crime fighting agent to work for the bureau. You might want to be a crime scene investigator. You might want to be an analyst. Whatever you want to do, it’s a good possibility that there’s a match for you at the FBI.

“We do have a lot of positions available, maybe not right here in the Jackson area, so if you come to the event, know that some of the opportunities may be in other states," said Parker. "We’d like to keep you here, but we’re a very small office so we may not always have a lot of positions open in this area, but we want everybody to know that there is a place for them.”

In order to get involved, Parker said you can send a resume to jacksonapplicants@fbi.gov by August 2. Those resumes will be reviewed, and a group of the top applicants will be asked to an invitation-only recruitment event at the end of August. According to Parker, it will be a show of girl power.

“We actually have a brand-new special agent in charge in the Jackson Division, our first ever female and she will def be there to speak to the group, and we will have another female agent to speak," Parker said. "We have agents who have had babies while they were agents, they’ve been able to go part time, so they’ll be able to talk about those challenges.”

Parker said diversity is important to the FBI. Military intelligence or law enforcement experience, a second language, law school or an accounting degree used to give you a leg up, but Parker said the FBI wants to reflect the people they serve, of all colors, creeds, and backgrounds.

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