Vicksburg employee health clinic helps city save money

Vicksburg Health Clinic

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - One of the hot topics on the 2020 presidential campaign trail is the cost of health care.

While many employers are shelling out big bucks to provide insurance for workers, other companies and governmental entities are passing the cost to their employees.

The City of Vicksburg says it is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars with its city employee health clinic.

Saving time, lives and money.

Mayor George Flaggs says the Vigilant Health Clinic is doing well in Vicksburg, as it serves more than 400 employees and their families.

“This clinic provides for us a service that helps us reduce the cost of health care. You know we’re self-insured. We spend about $4 million a year,” said Mayor Flaggs.

Flaggs says in 2016, the clinic opened to reduce the number of medical insurance claims and the cost of healthcare for employees. The health clinic program has saved the city more $977,000 in two years.

“Right now, we are saving some of this money for health care and giving to the employees for their cost of living adjustment and that is why we can raise minimum wage,” said Flaggs.

The clinic provides everything from checkups to treatment programs for chronic illnesses. They also refer patients to primary care physicians that partner with the clinic for more complex issues and other health care needs. Also, 20 percent of the community doctors work here and supervise the quality of care.

“I want to live longer and not to call in sick as much,” said Employee Ricky Nixon.

Employee Ricky Nixon suffers from high blood pressure and says since coming to the clinic it has been a major help to his health and wallet.

“Here you don’t have a copay and there is no waiting. It gets you to change your lifestyle, you exercise more, and the nurses are so smart in doing it for the city employees,” said Nixon.

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