JPD busts ‘dispensary party,’ finds edible marijuana treats, gun, other paraphernalia

Dispensary parties are common in states where pot is legal

JPD busts ‘dispensary party,’ finds edible marijuana treats, gun, other paraphernalia
All of this was confiscated from a dispensary party in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The haul from Jackson Police Department’s latest drug bust looks more like the homemade snack counter at a country store, if you added a ballistic vest and a gun, among other things.

JPD held a press conference Tuesday to showcase a load of edible marijuana products and some other paraphernalia they found at a party on Friday.

According to JPD spokesman Sam Brown, authorities got a tip that there was a “dispensary party” going on. Dispensary parties are common in states where marijuana is legal, Brown said. Edible products from chocolates to rice krispie treats to dipped pretzels and peanuts to brownies were sealed up in bags for the event, and the bag sealer was also confiscated by police. Around $3,000 was also confiscated.

“The narcotics unit received some information about this possible party that was being held at this particular time. Not disclosing any individuals or whatever, they got that info and they acted on it and went to this location and this is what they found,” Brown said.

There was also a gun that was picked up, as well as a ballistic vest that had the serial number taken out of the inside, which could indicate that it was stolen. A bong, some scales, and other paraphernalia were also on display at the JPD press conference.

“Looks like what appear to be rice krispies treats, fruit loops, pretzels, but we know that that’s not what it is. There could be any type of chemical involved and some of this stuff could be deadly,” Brown said.

Five were charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of ecstasy. Fifteen others were detained for questioning.

Brown also showed reporters some contraband taken from a man who had been put out of a car by his girlfriend after a fight. Frederick Robinson was located around Highway 18 and Siwell Road.

He had a black bag strapped around his waist, Brown said, and inside it was included tobacco, 6 cellphones, chargers, cigarettes, wrapping papers, marijuana, embalming fluid, a torch, 10-15 knives, lighters, and a machete. He told police he was trying to get it to the Raymond Jail.

Embalming fluid can be dangerous, as people will soak tobacco or marijuana in it to smoke it for a more intense high. It can, however, cause cancer and reproductive issues, among other things.

Frederick Robinson was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of narcotics.

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