City of Jackson Public Works clearing drains ahead of Tropical Storm Barry

Jackson Public Works preparing for Barry

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - To prevent the streets of Jackson from flooding, City of Jackson workers cleared storm drains all Friday long.

City Engineer Charles Williams said Saint Charles Street was just one of many problem areas in Jackson.

“Probably got to about 30, 30 plus for today and we’ll try to work as far as we can today and try to have a vac-truck tomorrow morning or into the evening also,” said Williams.

Hub caps and other debris are removed from the drains using a vac-truck and other tools. It’s a messy job that Williams said is time consuming, but necessary.

“Well our guys go out everyday and, you know, they try to respond to 3-1-1 requests as best as we can. We’ve got over 14 major channels, 225 small tributaries and quick creeks throughout the city so that’s a challenge for our crews,” said Williams.

Even with all the suction, the predicted six to ten inches of rain could still cause the roadways to flood. In the event, Williams wants the public to stay vigilant.

“Do not go through any areas that you might see water that’s even four inches high. Just stay away from it. Turn around and and take an alternate route,” said Williams.

If there is a street or drain that you want Public Works to look into, you are asked to call 3-1-1.

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