Local rescue helping high risk dogs in path of Tropical Storm Barry

Local rescue helping high risk dogs in path of Tropical Storm Barry
Coco's house helping dogs in path of TS Barry; Source: Coco's House Facebook

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Local rescue Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescueis headed down to Louisiana to pick up several “high-risk” dogs from Louisiana area shelters ahead of Tropical Storm Barry.

Coco’s House is a rescue out of Terry that specializes in finding homes for older/high risk dogs here in Mississippi. Rescue directors Dave and Amber Burrus, say that their plan is to try and clear these high risk animals out the shelters directly in the storm’s path before the storm hits rather than wait and save them from high waters after the fact.

The dogs that are being moved are either not likely to get adopted, elderly, or very sick.

Last time there was a storm like this, many shelters were forced to open kennels doors and let dogs try to fend for themselves because there was no way to save them all in time.

Burrus stated, “We want to be prepared and get them out, versus worry about trying to rescue them after the fact. I know there’s a lot of animals that need rescue in Mississippi, but this natural disaster takes more of a priority”

Animal Medical Center in Jackson and veterinary Dr. Majure has agreed to take these dogs, get them vetted, and hold them for Coco’s House for a few days until fosters can be found.

If you wish to donate directly to the vet towards their vetting, you can call 601-354-3622 and tell them you’re paying towards vet bills for Coco’s House rescue.

The dogs that Coco’s House is getting will come from several different shelters in Louisiana.

Today we are moving 5 dogs from the storm path out of the shelters. Our vet kindly made space for this group. They are...

Posted by Coco's House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue on Friday, July 12, 2019

Two walker hounds and a senior Chihuhua are going to be picked up from St. Mary Parish Shelter in Franklin, Louisiana.

A senior beagle with a broken pelvis is going to be picked up from Lafourche Animal Shelter in Thibodaux.

A hound and terrier mix will be picked up from Iberia Parish Animal Shelter in New Iberia.

The dogs will be back in the metro by this afternoon and out of the way of the direct impact of the storm.

Coco’s House will be accepting donations for vetting for these dogs as well as looking for qualified foster homes.

The dogs will eventually be placed up for adoption once they are healthy.

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