CONSIDER THIS: Hemp Agriculture

CONSIDER THIS: Hemp Agriculture

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Agriculture is the biggest industry in Mississippi. It impacts every county in our state, which means lots of jobs and lots of revenue for local communities. There are conversations taking place to allow farmers the opportunity to cultivate hemp. Unlike marijuana, Hemp has minimal THC, the property that causes a person to get high.

With farmers facing challenges and changes in the ag industry, giving Mississippi farm families another option to remain viable and competitive should be strongly considered.

B.C. Hammond, a Sunflower County farmer, sums it up like this, “It’ll allow, especially like me, a small farmer that doesn’t have thousands of acres an opportunity to keep small family farms alive throughout Mississippi.”

There are hundreds of products produced with hemp, from health foods to construction materials to clothing to paper. Other states are already taking advantage of hemp farming. Rather than being 50th, Mississippi can get ahead of this trend, boosting our agricultural economy. Hopefully state leaders will quickly approve the guidelines to allow hemp farming, benefiting the communities that depend on the ag industry and the Mississippi farm families who make that the business grow.

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