Day 5: Search continues for escaped inmates

Wrecker shop owner says Blankenship and High stole his things.

Day 5: Search continues for escaped inmates

PEARL, Miss. (WLBT) - A wrecker shop owner who did not want to be shown on camera spoke with us today about the path two escaped inmates took through his property.

The businessman pointed to a dip in his chain link fence, blocked by a dark-colored van, saying that’s where the inmates must have climbed over into his fenced-in wrecker yard.

On Monday, construction company owner Ed Little showed reporters where he believed the escapees had bedded down in a shed of his, evidenced by some clothing, food, and bloody tissues that were left behind.

Tuesday morning, the wrecker shop owner showed us some vehicles on his property where he had stored clothing and other items. He said when he talked to investigators about the clothing and bags that were found where the inmates had stayed, he realized they sounded a lot like specific items of his.

Later on, he said he figured out that the bags they stored the clothing in had also been stolen from him.

Law enforcement units were out all over Pearl and the surrounding area throughout Tuesday, following leads and talking to witnesses.

They’re believed to be in the area and they’re considered armed and dangerous. And Rankin County is a place where people know a lot about self-protection.

“If you see anything that’s normal or out of place, contact 911. If you see these individuals, contact 911. If they pose a threat to you, then deal with them the way you should deal with them,” said Mississippi Highway Patrol Spokesman Kervin Stewart.

Both Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Pelicia Hall and Mississippi Department of Public Safety Marshall Fisher released statements today.

“We are still pursuing tips statewide. We continue to urge citizens to call. No matter where you are, if you think you see these two men, please call us or other law enforcement. Until they are in custody, we don’t know where they are. We are equally concerned about the safety of the public until the two are apprehended.”

“We encourage everyone to remain vigilant while the search continues for these escaped inmates. We also want to remind the public of their very important role in assisting law enforcement and the $12,500 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of the inmates.”

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