Several agencies conduct security checkpoints for holiday weekend

Holiday checkpoints

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Pelahatchie Police and the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department were spotted off Highway 43 and Lake Road, conducting safety checkpoints, Thursday.

“We try not to set up at the same place. We set up all through different areas,” said Chief Joseph Daughtry of the Pelahatchie Police Department.

He said that the checkpoints keep the roads clear of unsafe drivers during this time of year.

“We want to stop someone that might have had a little too much to drink from hurting someone and stop them from getting home to their loved one,” said Daughtry.

We asked Lieutenant James Rayborn of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department if they had to ask for more than a driver’s license and registration prior to the interview.

“No, not at this point and that’s kind of how we like it, believe it or not,” said Rayborn.

Minutes later, a certain smell tipped off an officer, causing him to check a vehicle and its driver for any other violation.

“Oh, I couldn’t even tell ya. Numbers, astronomical. I mean, we get a lot of our violations off of safety checkpoints," said Rayborn.

“We know that a lot of people are on social media and a lot of people want to tell where we are but it doesn’t bother us. We’re going to keep moving and doing what we do,” said Daughtry.

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