Viral video shows young men in Jackson shooting BB guns at pedestrians

Young men shooting BB guns

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Jackson Police Department is investigating a video that shows at least two young men shooting out firing a BB guns while driving down the street.

The video seen on Facebook shows them aiming at bystanders outside of familiar places like a Jasco convenience store.

“That video is an example of what’s in front of us,” said Kenneth Stokes, a City of Jackson councilman.

Stokes lead a march Wednesday from the governor’s mansion to city hall calling for an end to gun violence.

After watching the video, Stokes said he was alarmed.

“They make practice with an air rifle or BB gun but they getting ready to use the real guns,” he said.

WLBT reached out to the Jackson Police department about the viral clip.

In a text, Sergeant Roderick Holmes replied saying,"we are aware of the video. To my knowledge, we have not received any formal complaints from the citizens regarding the actions displayed however, we are familiar with the individuals shown."

As Jackson Police investigates to identify the young men seen in the video, Stokes said he will continue to tell the children of Jackson to put the guns down.

“These guns are killing their friends and classmates and we want them to know that we got to stop the killing,” he said.

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