Jackson carjacking video prompts safety concerns

Jackson carjacking video prompts safety concerns

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Surveillance video of an armed carjacking in Jackson is bringing about safety concerns.

“People were passing by as the guy had the gun to my head and I was like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,'” said Elamir Holbert, the carjacking victim.

Holbert said his car was bumped by a white SUV while going down State Street in Jackson on Sunday as he was driving home from work.

“He was like, ‘You can go ahead and stop man, you don’t have to leave with your car damaged, just stop; I have insurance and I said ‘Okay, well, I’ll go ahead and pull over up ahead,’” explained Holbert.

Surveillance cameras from across the street show what Holbert said is a moment he’ll never forget. At least two men are seen jumping out of a white SUV before taking off in his black Hyundai.

When something like this happens, Seth Thompson of Maggio Thompson law firm said that, if proven an intentional act, Holbert would need an uninsured motorist policy as part of his insurance.

“In this case where even if they do have insurance, it’s not going to cover because it’s an intentional act. Your own uninsured or under insured motorist policy will pick that up and cover whatever damages you’ve suffered,” said Thompson.

For the sake of safety, Terry Police officer Sean Snow said calling 9-1-1 the moment you’re in an accident as you move to a public space is best.

“You can always call dispatch and keep the line open and let them know, 'hey look I’m not running from the scene but I don’t feel safe,” said Snow.

As for Holbert, he has one thing to say to those carjackers: “Enjoy your ride tonight fellas but what goes around, comes around and I’m pretty sure your day is coming.”

The Jackson Police Department said they are investigating the case and have not received the surveillance video the victim has received from the neighboring business.

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