CONSIDER THIS: Making Wise Choices

CONSIDER THIS: Making wise decisions

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We know all elections are important, but some have a bigger impact and that applies to the primary election coming up next month. The candidates selected in the primaries to represent the various parties will likely go on to fill the top political positions in our state. With term limits, we are guaranteed to have new faces in the top government slots.

As we celebrate Independence Day this week, it’s an appropriate time to remind everyone of the importance of doing your homework to understand the positions of the candidates. For many of the candidates that’s a simple process, since they have served in public office before. There is a very good chance that the way they handled themselves before, will be exactly how they handle themselves and represent us going forward.

One candidate ad shares an analogy that there is a reason the windshield in a vehicle is a lot bigger than the rearview mirror. It’s much more important to spend time seeing where you are going, than to look backwards.

That’s great advice when making decisions about who will represent us. The past can be an important guide to help prevent us from making the same mistakes but should not be an anchor to hold us back. Let’s look out the window in front of us and make Mississippi better tomorrow than it is today. The people we choose to lead the state for the next four years will have a major impact on whether that happens.

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