Family and friends hold vigil for 11-year-old killed in accidental shooting

Vigil held for 11-year-old

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Evoroa Funches remembers her niece, Asia Turner, during the vigil held at Lake Hico Park, Thursday. “...she is just a amazing child. She was loving, sweet,” said Funches.

Community members gather in a park to release pink and blue balloons to honor the late 11-year-old.

“Actually, Asia didn’t have a favorite color. She was a free spirit. She didn’t have no certain color. She was real easy to -- she wasn’t no picky child. Any little thing would make her happy,” said Funches.

Turner died on Sunday from an accidental gunshot. “We fault no one, it was an accident,” said Funches.

The news hit hard for everyone, including De’Keither Stamps, Ward Four councilman for the City of Jackson.

“It’s just a really tragic time right now for the community. And I’m glad to see the community coming together, and the family coming together, that’s the most important,” said Stamps.

As family and friends show support for Turner’s parents, Funches said there is something to learn from this accident.

"It’s okay to have your protection, but if you have kids at home, put it in a safe place. Everybody knows what age they is, kids are always curious,” she said.

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