Solar panel use expands in state

Updated: Jun. 26, 2019 at 7:06 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - With more and more technology using electricity, companies across the country and right here in Jackson are looking to the sky to help sustain the power grid.

Solar panels are going up on homes and businesses to save money and help the environment.

Central Mississippi Health Services Southwest clinic on Robinson Road Extension had solar panels installed in 2011 by Sundial Solar Power of Jackson.

“The sun is always there, and it’s always producing power, energy, heat down on earth,” said Sundial Solar Power President/CEO Will Shirley.

Will Shirley is President/CEO of Sundial Solar Power Development. The company installs solar...
Will Shirley is President/CEO of Sundial Solar Power Development. The company installs solar panels on homes and businesses across the state. Source: WLBT

That free energy could pay off for homes and businesses installing solar panels.

Sundial Solar Power in Jackson installs the energy saving equipment on roofs and at ground level across the state.

The initial cost can be expensive $20- $25 thousand dollars depending on electricity usage.

Experts say they reduce your power bill by 30 % to 40% over the term of 20 to 25 years. A 30 percent federal tax break could apply.

"The Mississippi Public Service Commission authorized a net metering law which says the utility companies have to pay for energy produced at a home with their own solar power going back on the grid," added Shirley. "So there's a certain amount of dollars paid back or credits paid back to the homeowner or business owner".

Tesla Energy recently donated solar panels and expert technicians to install them at the Piney Woods School in Rankin County.

In a pilot project Entergy created solar farms in Hinds County, Brookhaven and Desoto counties.

According to Entergy Spokesperson Mara Hartmann, pending PSC approval they plan to open a 100 mega watt solar energy farm in Sunflower county.

Solar panel owners can find a guide to connecting to Entergy’s grid on their website on the Net Metering page.

For more information on solar panel installation go to

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