JATRAN introduces new vehicles and possible changes on ‘Try Transit Day’

Jatran bus

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Several JATRAN buses left Union Station in Downtown Jackson Thursday packed with passengers on Try Transit Day.

Christine Welch, Deputy Director of Transportation, said the buses were free to ride all day long.

“It allows people --- those people who may or may not have cars to get out and they can do doctor’s appointments and visit friends, go to the grocery store,” said Welch.

The city also introduced new buses and vehicles that are wheelchair accessible.

Passengers like James Bryant Jr. said they’ve noticed the changes, not only in public transport, but the city itself.

“It’s nice seeing Jackson growing up more and more having it advance like the other cities are,” Bryant, Jr.

But with that growth, changes will come; Welch said an RFP (request for proposal) report is coming in the next few weeks that will survey the city.

“...Study the entire city of Jackson, where people are, where they want to go and make this system a better system and increase the connectivity for the passenger,” said Welch.

The current routes were made 30 years ago and Welch said the city’s demographic is not what it was then.

The results may determine whether current routes need to change or remain the same, but it may take time before JATRAN makes a serious reboot.

“Estimated time would be somewhere between 18 to 24 months before that study is finished. And then that study itself is probably going to be a one year, two year and ultimately a 5-10 year span on how we will grow the service,” said Welch.

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