Cosmetic Surgery Dangers: What to know before going under the knife

Surgery dangers

FLOWOOD, Miss. (WLBT) - Recent spikes in deaths in the Dominican Republic continue to rise. So far this month, two American tourist have died from complications after undergoing plastic surgery.

“I cannot fathom why people think it is a good idea to go to a foreign country where you have little to no control over your healthcare and go through with the surgery!”

Adrian Smith has been a plastic surgeon with the Face and Body Center for the past 13 years. Smith says when it comes to overseas operations, you get what you pay for.

“You don’t know anything about the facility that you’re gonna have your surgery in. You won’t know anything about their surgical technique. You are a disposable entity to them. They can perform surgery for you and you go away and never come back.”

Smith says cheaper isn't always better.

“Whether you go to the Dominican Republic or South Korea you won’t find the cost savings that you’ll have if you stay at home and get it done. Regardless of where you go for plastic surgery, there will always be risks.”

Here’s what you need to know before booking your next appointment.

Smith advises anyone interested in getting plastic surgery in state or overseas to do your research.

“Make sure you visit the facility, and meet with the surgeon once if not twice. Is a clear plan of how to take care of you afterwards? Do they have hospital privileges and have a good standing in their community?”

“Just reading things online sometimes can give you a false narrative on someone so ask your friends, ask your family, and your coworkers, what do you know about this doctor?”

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