Fondren residents fed up with water main breaks in their neighborhood

Fondren residents fed up with water main breaks in their neighborhood

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Some residents in Fondren are fed up with the city of Jackson’s crumbling infrastructure.

They have been dealing with ongoing water and sewer issues and also claim the city is putting a band-aid on the problems. but they want long-term solutions.

Those living on Seneca Avenue have been dealing with a big mess on their street for some time now and their patience is running out.

“We have been dealing with water problems for years. Recently we had breaks in the water-main that the city comes out to fix it. They put on a band-aid,” said resident Baskin Jones.

The most recent break is just feet away from Lauran McArthur’s home. She says water and sometimes even sewage flows out.

“This is ridiculous. This has been going on for three weeks,” she said.

McArthur says this is the fourth time in three weeks there has been a break in this one spot.

“They have come and repaired it three times. It is very frustrating because there are children on the street. I have children myself and we can’t use our dishwasher, washer, and I can’t give a bath to my children. I’m trying to be patient. I know that the city is dealing with a lot of stuff right now, but we are really frustrated."

The street is also riddled with sinkholes which has created a rough ride and a danger to drivers and the neighbors.

“Not fun. I’ll say that. As much as possible, we have tried to flatten our own street,” said Jones.

Both McArthur and Jones say that the city’s old infrastructure is causing these ongoing problems. They are pleading with the city for help.

“We’re asking for our water-main to be replaced instead of a band-aid put on it. It is to the age that it needs to be replaced rather than just repaired. We depend on them to do that and that’s really what we’re asking for: dependable water service and streets we can drive on,” said Jones.

Three on Your Side reached out to the city of Jackson about these infrastructure problems. The city’s engineer Dr. Charles Williams responded with this statement:

“We have a water leak on Seneca Avenue. Crews will attempt to make a repair later today. We acknowledge that the existing water main needs to be replaced, and DPW will try to secure funding in the relatively near future. We are experiencing high volumes of breaks within the water distribution system citywide. We are continually making repairs quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce long water outages. Areas experiencing repetitive breaks will be a priority for replacement when funding can be secured from various resources. We request patience as the city continues deal with multiple infrastructure issues citywide."

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