Alleged Forest cattle thief got away with it - until the cows came home

29 Angus calves take a quick trip to Louisiana

Alleged Forest cattle thief got away with it - until the cows came home

FOREST, Miss. (WLBT) - Two men can be seen on video as they walk into Tadlock Stockyards in Forest and drive away with almost 30 head of cattle in the dark of Sunday night.

It can’t be easy to put 29 Angus calves in a trailer at 450 pounds each -- at least not for the normal petty thief or shoplifter. But some people have called these two “cattle rustlers.”

Police say Michael Lindsey of Bernice, Louisiana, was arrested around 4 a.m. and is facing livestock theft charges in the incident. It’s a first Forest Police Chief Will Jones said, and it’s as unusual as it sounds.

“I’ve been with the department quite a while and I can’t remember when anyone’s taken this many head of cow from anywhere,” said Jones.

The owners of Tadlock Stockyard agree, and it’s almost a century old.

“That was very bizarre for us. We’ve been here since 1924, family owned, and we’ve never had an incident like this happen before,” said Charlesa Tadlock.

But one thing they didn’t have when cattle rustlers roamed the old West is surveillance video. Two men, their vehicle and trailer could be seen on the facility’s cameras. That, coupled with Facebook, Tadlock employees, and multiple law enforcement agencies quickly led to the arrest of the alleged outlaw and the stolen calves.

“For something to have an end result as fast as this has occurred, you can’t do this by yourself,” Jones said.

It takes a posse. And that posse, made up of the Mississippi Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau and Forest Police Department, led to Lindsey in Louisiana, who has been a customer of Tadlock Stockyard for more than 20 years. The cows have been brought home, safe and sound.

“The cattle are here at the stockyard and we’ll be selling them on Monday. They’re happy, and on feed and water,” Tadlock said.

There are leads on the second man that can be seen in the surveillance video, but at this time police don’t want to reveal too much until the investigation is complete.

Lindsey is in the custody of the Forest Police until his initial court appearance.

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