Investigation continues after bodies of missing couple pulled from floodwaters in Yazoo County

Investigation continues after bodies of missing couple pulled from floodwaters in Yazoo County

Yazoo County, Miss. (WLBT) - The bodies of Latamela Taylor and Darron Wilson were found floating, along with their car, in a large ditch filled with flood water near Satartia Road in the Holly Bluff Community. The couple was last seen Thursday night heading to Rolling Fork from Vicksburg.

Farmer Floyd Coghlan Jr. says he just so happened to be in the small town of Holly Bluff on Saturday when he discovered the bodies floating in a large ditch filled with more than 15 feet of floodwaters in it.

“On Friday, we came down here to take care of my dogs. We saw some skid marks on the highway and didn’t see anything," said Coghlan. “We rode through there and happened to see them floating. I was like, ‘this is really bad.’ I can tell it was a lady and a man.”

After discovering the bodies, the farmer said he then contacted one of his family members and told him to call for help.

“I’m sure the family was disappointed and sad about what happened, but still got some closure,” said Coghlan.

According to Yazoo County Deputy Chief Joseph Head, the couple was last seen leaving a party in Vicksburg.

Taylor was a dispatcher with the Sharkey County Sheriff’s Department and Wilson was from Vicksburg. Yazoo County Coroner Ricky Shivers confirmed that Taylor was 13 weeks pregnant at the time of the crash.

“From my understanding, they had last spoken with a relative and they stated that they were leaving Vicksburg and heading to Rolling Fork," Chief Head explained. “Nobody never made contact with them after that night, so from there on there has been a search for them going.”

Head says he is not sure how the couple ended up in Holly Bluff. While riding in the area on Satartia Road, the deputy chief says they came across barricades that were blocking water covering a portion of the road.

The couple reportedly turned their car around and seconds later appeared to lose control as they approached a curve, ending up plunging into floodwaters.

Chief Head says he doesn’t suspect foul play and believes speed was a factor in the deadly car accident.

“It was a tragic accident from what I can see," he said. "One thing I can say again about flood areas, we need to be more cautious about flood areas.”

Autopsies and toxicology reports are still pending.

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