Brookhaven Police scour community for leads on 7-year-old’s death investigation

Police talk to neighbors about the shooting death investigation of 7-year-old Quantavious Allen Jr.

Brookhaven police continue investigation

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WLBT) - Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins and his department were searching for leads in the recent death investigation of Quantavious Allen Jr, Friday.

The 7-year-old died while sitting at home playing video games; bullets flying Wednesday right before the shooter drove off.

The Brookhaven Police Department started near the scene on Grant Road asking neighbors like Joseph Parker what they heard or saw that night.

“I was distraught because things like this don’t happen in this neighborhood. I feel like everybody up here -- we’re family. And we try to look out for each other, we look after each other’s kids,” said Parker.

Police Chief Kenneth Collins said he had a hard time getting folks to come forward at first, but with each knock on a door his team was able to gather lots of information.

However, even with all the police presence, Parker said the streets were empty.

“You come through, you usually see different age groups from top to bottom in the neighborhood. 7,8, 9 and 11, 12, 13 year olds just playing together. Now it’s just -- it’s just deserted,” he said.

Fear is keeping them indoors, according to Parker.

“I’ve been up here 36 years myself...And when I was young, I played freely. And these kids deserve that same freedom," he said.

The police department said with what they have so far, they may be able to identify a suspect soon.

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