Ten-year-old author pens book to cope with loss of his mom

“My Dad & Me” tells stories of a child’s family and friends, who helped him through his grief.
10 year old author
Updated: Jun. 14, 2019 at 6:49 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Keigon Lowery was just shy of 4 years old when his mother, Callie Ware, was shot to death in August 2013.

She was killed in front of his face. It’s devastating for anyone to lose their mother, especially a small child, and especially that way. But Keigon is built to find the lessons in the things life throws at him.

“It’s been a difficult experience but I’ve actually learned that life isn’t all happy. It can have some ups and downs,” he said.

Keigon, now an upcoming fifth-grader at Jackson Academy, has lived those six years or so missing his mom. He’s done it with the help of his dad, Bobby Lowery. He’s also had support from his teachers at school, and he’s found ways to deal with his grief there, too.

“I like art because I can express my feelings through drawing," Keigon said, adding that it was that same expression of feelings that helped him write his book.

That love for expression led to an idea of his father’s that kicked off the 10-year-old’s biggest project yet.

“He decided that I should write a book and I was like, ‘Let’s make it happen,’" Keigon said. "And it’s all positive words about life without my mother.”

There are still times when the memories are hard. Keigon said sometimes he can feel that his mother is still with him, but he misses her.

He’s found a survival system, though.

“I pray about it, and sometimes I write in my journal.”

Keigon will be signing his book, “My Dad & Me” on Saturday. While he won’t tell us how the book ends, he’s glad to let us know: What can we expect at the book signing?

“It’s at Dillards at 2 p.m. and you can expect for me to be there.”

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