Re-entry service fair helps inmates get back on their feet

Re-entry service fair helps inmates get back on their feet

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The fair is all about helping recently incarcerated people get a shot at a second chance in the workforce.

It’s apart of Project EJECT, an initiative from the Justice Department geared toward reducing crime on the streets of Jackson.

The workforce training provides everything from clothes, to resources, skills and training to help encourage those seeking jobs now that they are released.

Pennie Frazier is a single mom who spent time behind bars, but today she is here at the event in hopes of starting back on the right track.

“I made mistakes... I went down the wrong path. Now, I am doing whatever I can to rebuild my life and get things back in order,” she said.

Frazier says her past mistakes serve as a reminder to fight for a better life.

“I am just trying to hold my head up high and let people know, yes I made a mistake but I am not that mistake. Life can go on.”

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst says the main goal is to help individuals go from serving their time to adjusting to a successful and crime-free life.

“Ninety-five percent of individuals in state prison will be released one day," explained Hurst, "and that looks like 600,000 people across the country are being released: that’s 1,600 people a day. So if we don’t do our part in providing them the tools and resources they need, we are just sentencing them back to a lifetime of crime.”

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