New lifestyle development begins in Flowood

The Waterpoint development will offer the ability to live, eat, and shop in downtown Flowood.

Waterpointe construction in Flowood

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A new lifestyle development project is beginning to take shape in Flowood.

The new Waterpointe development is starting with a $10 million dollar investment, creating infrastructure for the future downtown Flowood.

“We’ll have a town center we’ll have restaurants shopping, quaint boutiques, doctors offices, gift shops,” said Project Manager Amanda Acy.

Acy says this will be a place where people can live, work and be entertained all within walking distance.

There will be housing of all types.

Acy said, “It’s mixed use commercial is the heart of the development then as the project gets further from downtown the lots get larger so we’ll be able to offer people anything from condo style living all the way up to larger lots.”

There will be new retail shops coming in with restaurants and other amenities, some of which will be located on an adjacent lake.

Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads says this has been in the plans since 2008.

The real estate investment which could be as much as $500 million dollars, will provide a new urbanism and lifestyle option for new residents.

Mayor Rhoads said, “Green spaces with entertainment people socialize all the way back in the olden days, everybody has a front porch sidewalk everybody’s riding by speaking hopefully we’ll be an unique community where the heart and soul is you know your neighbor.”

The development could take up to 4 years to complete.

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