All Jackson police officers will carry new, updated tasers

All Jackson police officers will carry new, updated tasers

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Jackson Police Department has added a new weapon to its arsenal… literally. But the Axon Taser X-2 will hopefully minimize harm both to officers and suspects during confrontations, a fact JPD is very proud of.

“It deescalates the situation, not even deploying the taser," said JPD Spokesman Sam Brown. "Tasers have been around for a long time, and everybody backs up when you hear a taser. And when you hear the current going through the taser it usually deescalates the situation so a lot of times it’s not fired.”

What Brown is talking about is the capability of the taser to deploy a “warning arc” at the touch of a button, allowing a suspect to know that a shock could be coming, and giving them the chance to back down.

“You wear the taser on the opposite side of the firearm because there have been officers in other parts of the country who have pulled their weapons instead of the taser,” he said. “Our officers are trained where the taser is on one side and the weapon is on the other.”

Also, officers won’t have to immediately go to their guns if the first taser shock doesn’t work. The X-2 has two cartridges that can be deployed back to back without reloading.

“The officer that is deploying the taser can shoot multiple suspects or subjects or if they deploy the taser on a suspect or subject and miss, they can deploy it a second time,” Brown said.

And because of the technology of the X-2, accountability is built into the tasers. Each one has a unique serial number under which data is listed when the taser is deployed.

“When the taser is deployed that goes into the cloud and it’s readily accessible, so transparency is automatic,” he said.

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