Giant sinkhole on Mill Street nicknamed “The Swimming Pool” by local workers

The large, mossy hole has been in the road for at least a few months, we’re told.

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We don’t know for sure that there aren’t chlorinated above-ground pools smaller than this sinkhole in Mill Street.

Just under the Woodrow Wilson bridge, in the turn-in to the parking lot for the Canadian National Railroad facility, the giant hole sits... green, with occasional bubbles coming up from the bottom, an orange traffic barrel covered in algae like a sunken pirate ship at the bottom.

As far as urban legends go, some of the workers in the area say it’s four feet deep. Some say it’s as deep as 10 feet. We stuck a tape measure in there and clocked it at roughly five feet, nine inches. Basically, as one CN worker pointed out, a smart car could disappear inside the “Swimming Pool.”

But it’s not a giant pothole or an average sinkhole.

“This particular issue is a little more complex,” said Jackson city engineer Dr. Charles Williams. “We had a sanitary sewer overflow that was occurring about three months ago, and when we got that under control, we needed to replace a water valve at this location. We needed to do some additional work with the collection lines and we didn’t want to contaminate the sewer and the water so we needed to leave the hole exposed.”

Williams said there are important infrastructure fixes that are the reason they can’t just refill the hole.

"We had to remove all the existing material here, and then we’ll come back and once we make the repair, we’ll put some stabilized gravel and pumice stone over it, and then pack it real good and come back and put an asphalt overlay,” said Dr. Williams.

The water isn’t leaking into the hole, he said, but it’s holding there for sure.

The CN workers weren’t allowed to talk to us on camera, but they still added commentary where they could, asking if we had come to swim or if the fish were biting.

A fix could be around 60 days away, give or take, officials said.

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