New Mississippi River crest as backwater flood persists

New MS River crest as backwater flood persists

MISSISSIPPI DELTA, Miss. (WLBT) - The Mississippi River is set for yet another crest this week.

It’s been above flood stage for over 110 days now, and it could be weeks before it drops significantly.

In Valley Park, there are multiple homes that have sandbag levees around them, as the last defense against the ever encroaching backwaters.

The flood is now on another slow rise after the gates of Steele Bayou were closed last week.

The Mississippi River will see it’s third crest this year on June 14 when it gets to 50.8 feet, and then slowly fall over 28 days.

After that, it’s a waiting game for the water to go down.

Warren County Emergency Management Agency Director John Elfer said, “It’s gonna hang around, it will be weeks before the river will be at such a stage where Steele Bayou gates can be opened and start draining some of this backwater out that’s gonna take some weeks.”

The Warren County Emergency Management Agency and MEMA are using drones to do damage assessments in the flood zone.

backwater flooding Valley Park
backwater flooding Valley Park (Source: david kenney)

Currently there are 29 homes destroyed, 139 with major damage and 202 with minor damage in this years flood... which is far from over.

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