Local singers make it to the national spotlight

Four Washington shared a video that went viral, landing them on national television.

Singing sensations

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A year old freestyle about chicken led local singers Four Washington to the national spotlight this week.

“We went to Chick Fil A and once I tasted the burger, you know. It just felt so good to me, and I just felt a spirit of goodliness, you know? I just started free-styling about Chick Fil A and they followed me,” said Carmen Washington, 18.

“The show reached out to us. We released -- about a year ago -- we released the Chick Fil A video and it started going viral a couple months ago and the show reached out to us,” said Reggie Washington, 17.

Arrianna Washington, 16, said they were excited; “We couldn’t believe what was happening at the moment.”

But it's not the first time Carmen, Cameron, Reggie and Arrianna have performed together.

Their career started as children, singing gospel music at their church in Ridgeland.

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Reggie said, “we just wanna sing but alongside with that, whatever God has planned for us, we’ll go and do. We’ll make plans but it’s really up to what God says.”

Among all genres, the Washingtons said inspirational songs are what they love most.

"By our blessings we can depict that God has given me this gift to do something in the world"

While they don’t play formal instruments, they use their voices instead.

Arrianna jokingly said, “I’m trying to learn how to play piano, but it’s not working at the moment.”

Apart from faith, their love for each other helps them persevere.

“What keeps us going even in the tiresome times is that we do it together and it’s always great to do something with your siblings,” said Carmen.

Their first single, “Choose You", is available on all digital platforms.

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