Traumatic brain injuries can bring on other complications

Traumatic Brain Injuries

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In the wake of Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson’s father being shot to death by law enforcement in Simpson County, WLBT takes a deeper look at the impact of traumatic brain injuries.

“Mississippi is number three in the country in numbers of brain injuries and we don’t have nearly enough facilities or resources,” said Lee Jenkins, executive director of the Brain Injury Association.

She said traumatic brain injuries can bring on more problems than just a headache.

“It can be dizziness, headaches, nausea. Things that happen when somebody gets concussion all the way to personality changes, mood swings, rage,” said Jenkins.

Commissioner Andy Gipson shared a statement on Facebook after his father was shot and killed by law enforcement on Thursday.

Harry Gipson's injures came from a number of incidents including a fall off a forklift, a mule wagon and motorcycle wreck.

“I would say he probably was affected pretty severely. Physically, I think looked fine. Which is one of the biggest problems with brain injuries because if somebody looks fine, you assume that they are fine,” said Jenkins.

While any hit to the head can create complications, Jenkins said a hit to the frontal lobe is the most common; causing behavioral issues.

“Falls are actually the number one cause of brain injuries. Number two reason is being struck by or against an object. Number three cause for brain injuries is motor vehicle accidents," said Jenkins.

No matter how the injury is caused, Jenkins said you should always seek a doctor for help.

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