Summer safety tips - everything you need to know

Summer safety tips - everything you need to know

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - You book your flight, pack your belongings and head out the door for what is supposed to be a trip of a lifetime, but for some, tragedy can quickly strike when you least expect it.

So before you plan your next Summer getaway, the owner of Travelers Only Traveling Agency, Vickie Greenlee, gives out a few key safety tips!

“When you check into a hotel, tell them you are traveling alone and want to be close to an elevator. That way you don’t have to walk long distances," advises Greenlee. "Tell them you don’t want to be on the first floor. It is easier for people to come to your room. If you are going out to eat, eat at the hotel restaurant. If not, just take an Uber, don’t walk by yourself.”

Another important tip Greenlee shares is to always be aware and let your common sense take the lead.

“Your car keys will make a loud noise to attract attention. I always tell people to put your bags on the arm against the wall so someone can’t come by fast and snatch it off your arm!”

If you are traveling solo, Greenlee recommends taking full advantage of the hotels concierge.

“They know the safe and unsafe places. The good restaurants. Is it safe to walk to this place? Or the good areas to go for a jog? They are very knowledgeable about the local areas.”

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