Delta residents target President in flood relief campaign

Delta residents target President in flood relief campaign

YAZOO, Miss. (WLBT) - President Donald Trump is now the target of a billboard campaign to install backwater pumps in the delta.

The billboard, which went up this week on Highway 61 north of Interstate 20, says: ‘President Trump, Finish the pumps!'

Yazoo pumps billboard
Yazoo pumps billboard (Source: david kenney)

Mike Brown, one of four people behind the campaign said, “We’re just trying to get the word out as much as we can to encourage people to talk to our congressmen and see how serious this really is. It’s over 500 homes that have been affected by this, it’s uncalled for.”

Gene Ford, another organizer said,

“Our political people in the state, we need their help, that’s what the billboards are all about," said Gene Ford, another organizer. "We need help on a national level, we need president Trump. We need his attention.”

In 2008, the Yazoo pump plan was scrapped after the EPA voiced concerns they could hurt wetlands... an argument flood residents say is now invalid.

The residents are now bracing for more water.

“They’re talking about this water here is going to rise another foot before this is over with," said Ford. “The entire community of Eagle Lake is devastated. It will never be the same. Valley Park, if this water rises another foot, Valley Park is going under. I mean hundreds of more people are going to be effected and it could all be fixed if they install the pumps.”

Across the Delta, residents are taking the same stance, installing signs in their own yards hoping political leaders will take action, which they say will provide flood relief to thousands.

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