Madison home condemned after being taken over by feral cats

Officials say the home is a biohazard.

Home taken over by feral cats

MADISON, Miss. (WLBT) - The condemned home sits on the cul de sac of Highleadon Place of the Sherbourne neighborhood.

“The house, I believe, has been vacant for 7 months,” said James Smith, HOA president of the neighborhood.

Smith said that while the house was vacated months ago, the feral cat problem as been an ongoing problem for years.

“The city has been trying numerous times to get access to it to actually get this process started because they had been made aware of the conditions and the health hazard of this property,” said Smith.

The health hazard was caused by the remains of cat feces and other animals. Smith said that neighbors have reported on at least 100 feral cats in the last few years.

"We actually rode by here, me and a board member one day, and the front door was open. So, I had the unfortunate opportunity to stick my head in the front door and could actually see how terrible the conditions were in there."

Smith said officials tried to reach out to the owner of the home but had no luck; it is believed that the woman is no longer in Mississippi.

“I know there was a big pile of cat litter that had been dumped in the formal dining room. It’s almost as if it’s been left like that for that to occur,” said Smith.

On May 21st, the city of Madison held a public hearing for the cleaning of the property and since then, the blighted house has been taped up and condemned.

“It is disheartening because this is a beautiful neighborhood, I love this neighborhood . I’ve been here now for 8 years, if you look most of the people that live here, have been here for a long time. And everybody does a good job of keeping up their homes,” said Smith.

City officials have not yet said when the home will be demolished.

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