Backwater flooding seeps into Onward community

Backwater flooding in Onward Community

SHARKEY COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Thanks to backwater flooding, many things that we take for granted are no longer possible.

In the small community of Onward, driving home is no longer an option.

The area just north of Eagle Lake is comprised mostly of older residents who find themselves trapped by floodwaters.

Victoria Darden says, “nothing I’ve ever seen before, been completely unpredictable. It changes day to day I just never know what to expect.”

The Darden family homes are safe from flood waters. That’s because Randy Darden survived the flood of 1973 and personally built a levee around his home a few years later.

“I built it on outside of the year so we could have our torts that would flow and we can keep water out.”

His home is safe, but when he and his daughter Victoria want to leave the house, that’s another story.

“You have to plan ahead. You have to get things you might need in advance. If I need it, it takes 30 minutes probably to get things together get into the truck to get to boat and then boat to ven and drive to town."

Their commute is longer and they also find that displaced wildlife are searching for food and shelter.

“We have all the usual animals that you usually see around here, but consider the water has not pushed them away from home. They’re so much more in numbers its much more vast.”

When the water recedes it takes 6-8 weeks for the land to be dry enough to work. Next year is a possibility for their soybean crops but this year is dead in the water.

“I don’t believe we’ve going to be able to begin again this year. I don’t believe that’s an option on the table.”

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