Eagle Lake community fights flooding for over 100 days

Eagle Lake Flooding continues

EAGLE LAKE, Miss. (WLBT) - More than 100 days of flooding and dangerous conditions have threatened the Eagle Lake community in Warren County.

“We’ve been in flood mode for over 3 months now. We had to establish a command post here on Eagle Lake which is something we don’t normally do,” said Sheriff Martin Pace of Warren County.

He and his team are guarding the only road in and out of Eagle Lake.

“We’re maintaining the restriction of this area, got a roadblock here and unless you have property or are a resident of this area, or unless you’re specifically coming to aide someone, you’re not allowed in the community,” he said.

The sheriff took 3 On Your Side through parts of the neighborhood to take a closer look.

“As the water rises, it may compromise septic tanks, sewage systems or chemical barrels that have floated into the water so there are a dozen different contaminants that could be in this water. It’s just not something you need to be in,” said Pace.

The few residents that remain in the area are no longer receiving mail.

Also, all three grocery stores are closed.

“Even the homes that aren’t inundated with water, for the most part, you can’t get to them because of the water.” said Pace.

Even the wild life have had to move about to drier land. Sand barricades were no match for the waters that also took over farming land.

“They’ve lost buildings, they’ve lost businesses, they’ve lost -- just the displacement of the community -- this is just a devastating flood," said Pace.

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