Buckle up for congested roads as people return home after Memorial Day

MHP travel enforcement period

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Pack some patience, if you’re traveling home after Memorial Day. According to Triple-A, Monday afternoon and evening are the worst times to hit the road. Nearly 43-million people are on vacation this holiday weekend. The majority of that volume coming from folks driving their cars.

Some people in the Jackson metro decided not to go out of town. They will honor our military heroes at home and give back to the community.

“We’ll do some volunteer work at an animal shelter that we support. So, another day of volunteering really,” Tony Bahou.

Alphonzo D. Lewis stated, “Since we do observe and honor those veterans who sacrificed their life, we will basically watch the memorial programs on television. We’re not having a cookout.”

Judy Stegall decided to stay home for the holiday as well. She’s hoping for less traffic on her next road trip.

“We’re going out of town next weekend to my grandson’s graduation. So, we’re hoping all the traffic will be gone by then,” said Stegall.

All of the drivers have different reasons for staying in the metro, but they all share the same reason for Memorial Day.

“Thank you again for the troops that are serving and have served. Obviously, that’s what Memorial Day is all about to remember them and remember their sacrifices,” said Bahou.

“Give honor and tributes to those who did sacrifice their lives so that we can have the kind of lives we are having now.” Lewis added.

Stegall stated, “It’s a day to honor all of those before us who have worked and fought to save our country. It’s a day to honor them and all the soldiers who are still serving for us.”

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