Governor provides updates on flooding in Warren County

Governor and Mema meet on flooding

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - State leaders are being briefed on the impacts from the flood, specifically in Warren County.

Wednesday afternoon Governor Bryant led a press conference with M.E.M.A. director Gregory Michel, law enforcement and Emergency Management officials from Warren County.

Governor on flooding
Governor on flooding (Source: David Kenney)

They updated the Governor on how the flood was impacting residents there, especially at Eagle lake, where a sandbag barrier failed over the weekend, sending floodwaters into the community.

Governor Bryant says there are now 515 homes that have been impacted by flooding.

200 of those homes are in the Warren County, and Eagle Lake area.

At least 50 of those homes have water inside them.

A housing assistance center was opened in Vicksburg this week to help those flooded out residents with short term housing assistance.

Residents can apply for financial reimbursements for hotels, until they can move back home.

The predictions are now that the backwater flooding could last well into next month and beyond.

The Mississippi River is expected to fall in July, but then rise again.

How much water can be drained out of the Delta during that time will determine how long residents in the Eagle Lake area, will have to deal with the flooding.

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