Analysis: Capital City sees 56 percent spike in gun violence versus last year

Data from JPD shows more than one hundred people shot in 2019′s first five months

Analysis: Capital City sees 56 percent spike in gun violence versus last year

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - On average, someone in the Capital City is shot every 33 hours, according to a 3 On Your Side analysis of Jackson Police Department news releases, revealing a significant increase in instances of gun violence this year when compared with 2018.

Wednesday’s deadly shooting of an unidentified man on West McDowell Road represents the 103rd person shot or killed this year, whereas individual police reports indicated only 66 people were shot or killed in the Capital City in 2018.

That’s a 56 percent increase thus far in 2019.

For the entirety of last year, individual JPD news releases show 150 people were shot or killed.

If the rate of injury by gunfire continues at its current rate, Jackson would reach 2018′s number before the end of June.

However, it’s unclear how this year’s number ranks historically, because JPD doesn’t track these shootings with injury nor provide regular monthly statistics involving guns to the public.

The most current Uniform Crime Report data -- which indicates in some crimes whether a gun was used -- is from February 2019.

That data, while more detailed than previous COMSTAT reports provided by JPD, is three months old and does not indicate whether people were injured or killed by gunfire.

Of the 103 people shot this year, 38 died as a result.

To get this data, 3 On Your Side maintains a spreadsheet listing every person injured or killed by gunfire in the city, using JPD news releases in email and social media to compile the information.

That means that, unless JPD informs the public about a shooting with injury, it will not be counted in our analysis.

3 On Your Side does not attempt to track shootings that do not result in injury because the department may not send out emails for every “shots fired” call.

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