9-year-old starts baking business in Vicksburg

De’Jonae Curtis learned how to bake by watching baking shows.


VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - De’Jonae Curtis is a Vicksburg native and a budding entrepreneur.

She learned how to bake “from watching Kid’s Baking Championship, from watching Chopped Junior," she said.

As she discovered this new interest, De’Jonae shared her passion with her mother, Rebecca.

“What we had started doing was incorporating some of the home school activities in the kitchen and just letting her have her way. That’s when I found out that she knew what she was doing,” said Rebecca.

De’Jonae shared how she started selling her baked goods at the church attends and occasionally preaches for.

“I really was first selling to the people at my church cause those were like the most common people and my family members also,” said De’Jonae.

De’Jonae sold over 60 cakes in a week before she decided to do more with her earnings.

“I always see, like, the commercials with dogs limping on one leg and stuff like that, so I just asked my mom if I could give some of my money to the animal shelter and the Humane Society,” said De’Jonae.

Her mother, happy to support her daughter’s efforts, helps De’Jonae donate to the local shelters often.

“And so she decided to give 75 dollars. I told her whatever she decide to give that I would match that amount -- I have a business in the mall -- it came to be 150,” said Rebecca.

13-year-old Chris Curtis, one of De’Jonae’s brothers, designed the logo for Dee’s Babycakes. He, like the other members of the family, has his own business as well. He said he’s proud of his sister’s work.

“I like that she’s very confident in herself when she’s baking. I actually help clean up afterwards,” said Chris. The two also dance and run a YouTube channel together.

With a family full of entrepreneurs, Rebecca said that De’Jonae was anxious to find her niche, but now that she has one, Rebecca is glad to support it.

“If this is what she wants to do, I’m behind her 100 percent. That’s really one of the reasons why I decided to invest in her, get her everything that she needed,” said Rebecca.

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