Eagle Lake officially closed as water rises

Eagle Lake Flood Fight Lost

EAGLE LAKE, Miss. (WLBT) - Rising lake levels continued to threaten the Eagle Lake community, Sunday.

“This is not some place that you need to be driving around,” said Sheriff Martin Pace of Warren County.

Tensions and water levels are high for the Eagle Lake community. Pace said sandbags and other safety measures are losing the battle against the flood.

“The water is continuing to rise on the backwater side. The backwater level and the lake level have almost evened out with one another,” said Pace.

This makes it a dangerous area to be in. Officials have blocked several roads and are keeping the area guarded to prevent anyone from getting stuck in the water.

“As you come off the levee, into the Eagle Lake community, if you’re not a resident or a property owner here or if you’re not specifically coming to a location to assist someone, you’re not allowed access into this area,” said Pace.

While some residents have evacuated, others are choosing to stay, creating barriers around their homes to survive the coming waters.

“We have had to assist several people out of their homes this morning. Unfortunately, we still have a few that are wanting to stay in areas that may not actually get wet, but they’re still going to be difficult if not impossible to access," said Pace.

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