“Mother Nature has beaten us”: Evacuations underway as Eagle Lake continues to rise

Water continues to rise at Eagle Lake

WARREN CO., MS (WLBT) - Eagle Lake Shore Road in Warren County has become the center of the flood fight, and sandbags have been put in place in order to protect homes.

On Saturday, backwater flooding could be seen flowing over the sandbags and across the road; a problem that has been ongoing for weeks.

“It’s anticipated to rise about half-a-foot a day until it gets to 97 or 98 feet,” said Warren County EMA Director John Elfer. “The backwater is predicted to get to 98 to 98.5, and the river is gonna crest at some point probably arout 50.”

Elfer and his team have been patrolling the back-water area and will continue to monitor the situation.

“Some of the efforts of the local folks just could not hold back this much water," Elfer continued. “As this water continues to rise, we anticipate for breaches where we actually have flowing water, where that water is being channeled. It is causing some scarring to the lake bank as well as the road bed. We anticipate that will continue and only continue to get worse.”

In a letter to the community, posted by the Vicksburg Daily News, Eagle Lake Fire Chief Earl Wallace wrote: First off, I hate it. I hate it. But mother nature has beaten us... There is no way we can possibly get the resources to stop this disaster... Thank you all for the support. We fought a heck of a battle but we are losing the war against water.

Elfer and county officials have been communicating with residents around the clock. They’re still encouraging people to evacuate if their homes, and access to them, are threatened by flood waters.

“Even if water isn’t going to be in your house, you may still have not utilities, may not have septic," explains Elfer. "And don’t wait ‘til the last minute. If you’ve waited and now there is 4, 5, 6 feet of water around your residence then it will be very difficult to get your stuff out.”

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