Grandson of slain Biloxi officer given plaque by his school

North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School staff presented eighth-grader Delmas Cox a memorial...
North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School staff presented eighth-grader Delmas Cox a memorial plaque of his grandfather, slain Biloxi Police Officer Robert McKeithen.
Updated: May. 18, 2019 at 9:16 AM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s been a hard two weeks for everyone, but Friday was a good day for eighth-grader Delmas Cox, the grandson of slain Biloxi Police Officer Robert McKeithen.

He knew his school was up to something. He didn’t expect this.

“I think this will be something that he’ll remember probably for the rest of his life,” said his teacher Allison Miller.

North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School presented Cox a memorial plaque with his grandfather’s picture that was signed by the entire staff with their words of encouragement and support.

“I think that it was very, very sweet,” said Cox’s classmate Emily Tannehill. “He obviously really loved it. He’s sitting over there hugging it right now.”

Principal Alison Morgan was there when Cox's father told him the news at school.

“As a community we’ve gone through it. As individuals, we go through it,” she said. “But to actually see it on one of your students faces is something you’ll never forget.”

Morgan said this was an effort to give Cox a tangible gift that will last.

“It’s a way they can not only show him and tell him but also give him something that they know that they’re always there for him," she said.

“This was such a tragic loss, and we were all upset to hear about it, but, it’s so special and we really appreciate everything everybody’s done and the officers coming out today to do this for him," Miller said.

His friends hurt as well.

“Yeah, we felt for him,” Tannehill said. “And we really tried to support him. And we were just there for him. If he needed a shoulder to cry on, were all here for him.”

That includes classmate William Huffman.

“It was really heartbreaking because Delmas is a sweet kid, and you’d never expect something to happen like that to a nice kid like that,” he said.

However, Morgan sai, you can’t get a person like Cox down long.

“Delmas is a very happy go lucky child and he still is a happy go lucky self, but he just wants to talk about it more," she said.

Cox said he will hang the plaque in his room so his Granddad can watch over him all the time.

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