Accused killers out on bond cause worry for Hazlehurst nightclub victim’s family

Accused killers out on bond worry Hazlehurst victim’s family

COPIAH COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Last May, 26-year-old Jonathan Miller was shot and killed at Tootsies Sports bar in Hazlehurst and seven other people were injured. Jonathan’s family knew Jonathan as “Jon Jon.”

“It just hurt. I can’t keep going like this. All I do is think about my son, the way he was laid down for nothing... in the back," said Jonathan’s father Lawrence Miller.

Jonathan’s two accused killers, 21-year-old Odarius Black and 23-year-old Dariendejuan Fells were charged with murder and seven counts of aggravated assault. Prior to their arrests they fled from police for days.

Fells was given a $150,000 bond and Black’s bond was set at $100,000. They both are now free to walk the streets until trial later this year. The Miller family says they’re worried and scared for their well being.

“Yes. I’m worried for me, my family, and friends," said Miller. “So I don’t know neither one of them and I don’t know who I’m looking for. They can walk up and kill me today, I wouldn’t even know who they is."

Miller says his son was dating a girl who was involved with one of his accused gunmen. He was also close with their child, leading Miller to believe that may have been the motive for his son’s murder.

“I believe he shot him because the baby would call him daddy," said Miller.

We spoke with Hazlehurst Police Chief Byron Swilley. He told the Miller family that if they ever feel unsafe or scared to call him or the district attorney.

Black’s trial is set to begin November 6. The trial for Fells is scheduled to start the following day.

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