Survival Strategies Part Two: How to escape

Survival Strategies Part Two: Escape

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Being prepared in the face of an emergency is often easier said than done. But knowing what to do is half the battle.

We showed you strategies to help you if you were placed in a locked car trunk, but what would you do if you were trapped inside a burning or submerged car and needed to quickly escape? Here are some survival strategies that could save your life:

Alice Thompson is our expert on survival strategies. With over a decade of SWAT team experience, she trains officers on how to survive life or death situations. One technique that she showed us involved breaking out of duct tape.

Thompson says, “When your wrists are duct taped you’ve got your hands. You bring your hands up, you’re not just gonna come down light; you’re gonna come down hard, you’re gonna come down fast and you’re gonna pull your hands from each other at the same time. It’s all one fluid motion.”

No one seems to believe that you can actually break out of duct tape, so I’m putting Alice’s strategy to the test and getting my wrists taped with duct tape and we’ll see if this really works.

Guess what… it does!

Okay, so what about if you’re in a situation where you need to break in or out of a car quickly? Thompson says a window punch is a must have for everyone. Use it in the corner of the windows where the glass is weakest.

Now generally it should only take a few hits, but I actually had a tough time my first go round. But Thompson says when your adrenaline is pumping you’ll likely have an easier time.

I tried it again and it broke in three taps. And once the glass is shattered push or kick it out. This wouldn’t necessarily work if your car is submerged in water. The pressure would be too much. But your window punch will still work.

Thompson says, “When you’re submerged in water and you have to punch that window out, you’re gonna push. Sometimes it’s easier to do it in the center of the window, sometimes it’s easier to do it in the corner. "

And don’t forget about other items in your car. That can save your life if your car is submerged! If you have a knife, cut out your airbag.

Thompson says, “Get that air bag, use it for a flotation device. You have your clothes for a flotation device, you have tires for your secondary air source. You have a window punch, anything similar that’s going to get you out of this window.”

So the day after we shot this story I went straight to Amazon and ordered myself a window punch. It was cheap (only 12.99 for 4) I gave one to everyone who transports my children in their car. You can find window punches at Lowes, Amazon, Home Depot and other hardware stores. You don’t want to put this in your glove compartment. Put it in your armrest or somewhere under your dashboard.

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