Flooding concerns continue for Eagle Lake

Eagle lake flooding getting worse

WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Flood concerns continue to mount in the lower Mississippi Delta.

Levels of the backwater are now expected to go higher than the record set back in March.

An emergency declaration could bring relief in financial help for rebuilding, but not all the damage is done yet.

Eagle Lake sandbags
Eagle Lake sandbags (Source: David Kenney)

Sandbags still being filled by the hundreds daily, and they could use more.

One group from United Methodist Church Clinton is aiding in the flood fight.

Mike Grove, a volunteer with the church said, “Thirty years ago there was people out here living on weekends, now there’s people who live here 365. This is their home, just to watch this water slowly creep up and they can’t do anything about it, it’s tough.”

Seventy-five-thousand sandbags line Eagle Lake Shore Road, holding the backwater off homes.

Once the floodwaters recede, damage assessments can be done to determine a dollar amount for a emergency declaration.

John Elfer, Warren County EMA Director said, “With over 500 thousand acres flooded, we’re at Eagle Lake right now, but this is just one of many areas that have had actual infrastructure damage. People have been displaced, homes flooded, I think the economic impact on this is going to be in the millions if not more.”

Eagle Lake is currently at 92.1 feet, the highest it’s been since 1973.

Residents are watching their boathouses go underwater and their backyards being swallowed up in the encroaching lake.

Diane Ashley who lives on the lakefront said, “The lakes coming up and we’re worried that it’s going to inundate everything but were fighting this were not going to stop until something happens either it goes away and we win but were going to keep fighting.”

Officials say there are now 540,000 acres flooded by the backwater.

Water now just pooling in the delta, with residents wondering when they will find relief.

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