McComb residents slowly clean-up storm damage

Pike County hit by severe weather, Thursday

McComb Clean Up Continues

MCCOMB, MS (WLBT) - The severe weather struck in McComb on Thursday but the recovery process is ongoing.

According to Robert Coghlan, Pike Emergency Management director, about 45 homes received minor damage, 17 had major damage, three were destroyed. One of the homes was struck by lightning and destroyed by fire, but no injuries were reported.

“We were able to get our lights on yesterday at 1:40 and we were thankful for that,” said Bobby Dickey

Bobby Dickey spoke to WLBT on Thursday just hours after strong winds whipped through McComb. It was a dark and gloomy afternoon but now, Dickey said things are looking brighter.

“Yesterday afternoon, we had a crew that came in to start cutting some of the bigger or larger pieces of trees down. And you see through there. So there’s still a lot of work that has to be done,” he said.

Old, giant trees took down power lines and blocked certain areas, but just days later most of it has been cleared out.

Electricians were out on Sunday, restoring power to Entergy’s remaining 20 customers.

“There’s subcontractors still out working. A lot of wires that are down that need to be cleaned up even though they’ve made a lot of connections and power back on,” said Coghlan.

Though McComb is relatively back to normal, there are still sidewalks and streets that are covered with debris. Authorities said that the clean up won’t be so simple and it may take weeks to be fully cleared.

“There is a lot of debris, as you see it and there’s some private contractors that are on private property cleaning that up. and the city will be several weeks actually getting the debris off the streets as it’s put by the houses and stuff like that,” said Coghlan.

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