McComb storm clean up continues

McComb Clean up

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A day after severe storms struck McComb, cleanup continues after extensive damage was left across the city.

Residents had to rush to take cover as a storm pushed through yesterday morning.

A tornado has not been confirmed yet, but witnesses tell us they saw a funnel cloud above the trees.

McComb storm clean up
McComb storm clean up (Source: david kenney)

Kelly Henley said, “I could see outside you could just see everything just flying around so I got on the floor until it passed. It was just battering the house.”

Kelly Henley's story of surviving the storm is like many of her neighbors.

Across the city, many neighborhoods look like a war zone, but thankfully there were no injuries after Thursday’s severe weather.

Pike County Civil Defense Director Richard Coghlan said,

“We’ve got 26 with minor damage 10 with major and one destroyed and were still counting.”

Linemen were out in force restoring power.

Some intersections remained blocked by trees entangled in utility lines and broken poles.

Some residents say they’ve been told it will be Sunday before their lights get back on.

With more rain in the forecast residents are shoring up damaged homes and removing as much debris, as fast as they can.

Kelly Henley said, “Were all safe and that’s the wonderful thing everybody’s safe and thankful god had his hand on top of us, taking care of us.”

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