The city of Vicksburg looking to hire student workers for summer program

Vicksburg Student Employment

VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) -The city of Vicksburg is gearing up for its annual Summer Youth Employment Program. It gives college and high school students opportunities to explore career options and learn more about the city government all while earning some cash. The deadline is looming for young people to apply.

“I think it gives students a chance to get involved in the community,” said Vicksburg Main Street Program’s Executive Director Kim Hopkins.

Kim Hopkins is Vicksburg Main Street Program's Executive Director. Her department participates in the Summer Youth Employment Program every year.

“Students come down and greet the passengers on the boat and tell them all about Vicksburg and welcome them to Vicksburg,” said Hopkins.

The eight-week summer youth employment program is open to 30 college and high school students. Organizers say they learn about city government all while earning a pay check.

“The students get to work with the city, find out the inter-dynamics of the city and government,” said Debra Goodman; administrative assistant for Outreach programs.

“This is their first introduction to the workforce, so in doing that they get to learn just a plethora of important values when it comes to working. Hopefully, this will help them transition into the workforce,” said Interim Human Resources Director Fermika Smith.

Program organizers say the students will work in several departments in the city including public works, the mayor’s office and the police department.

“It’s easy to see things to come on television and not know how things work. A lot of times people say the mayor can do this or do that, but when they come in and see what we’re doing every day they can help us promote activities for the city,” said Goodman.

"The deadline to apply is Friday May 10th . The applications have to be in the Human Resources office or postmarked if they are going mailed by that day. This is a great opportunity,” said Smith.

If you would like to apply for the Vicksburg’s Summer Youth Employment Program click here.

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